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Monday, January 23, 2012

New position

Sorry for the long wait. I've had a busy week. I started a new teaching position today. I'm now teaching in a Pre-Kindergarten, self-contained LID position. This position was unexpected and came about really quickly. In fact, it was the fastest turn around on a job ever in the history of Clarke County, with 10 hours from the time they got permission from my boss to steal me away to board approval. That is impossibly fast considering it usually takes about two weeks. I was originally told it would be mid-semester if at all this year.

So, for the next two weeks I am in with another teacher, learning the ropes. It's almost like student teaching again. Just with really small students. Most of these kids are non-verbal students with significant developmental delays. So, that is what we work on. The kids are pretty darn cute I have to say!

I will keep you updated as I go!

On a different note, Clarke County is in desperate need of foster parents, so if you know of anyone, please send them to DFACS.


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